About Ganador


Ganador Premium Mexico has been the first brand to be launched 10 years ago. It is the professional expert that helps us give back all the love to our dog with a high quality and high-performance nourishment.

Ganador Premium offers unconditional love with some of the most important functional benefits.

Our essence:


We understand the special bond between dogs and their family, but more importantly, we know how to nourish it. That is why we want to become the leading dog food brand, the brand that speaks from the heart, is trustworthy and reflects the supportive and loving relationship between a dog and its parent. We are looking to achieve this by offering health and wellness to their loving hearts through a continuous innovation process with nutritional and scientific expertise, always driven by our unconditional love for them.

Our values:


Our dogs have infinite love for us and they show it whether it is wagging its tail, licking our faces or moving its head in that adorable way. Ganador is the way we can show them ours.

Ganador Premium is founded on values that strengthen, deepen and encourage this bond with products that guarantee wellness and health for every kind of dog.



We stand for:



  1. Expertise

We are experts with more than 60 years of certified experience in the animal nutrition and health industry

  1. Nourishment

We nourish the special four legged ones in the family and the loving relationship with them through products that are designed and formulated to deliver complete and tasty nutrition using high-quality ingredients to provide them a healthy and happy life.

  1. Affordability

We believe every furry heart out there deserves the best nutrition at an affordable price regardless of its parent’s income.

  1. Enthusiasm

 Life is better when our dog is healthy. This means spending more quality time together. That is the reason why our team of experts passionately work every day to deliver wellness and health to our dogs.

  1. Love

We think love is the most important ingredient in a relationship, so we take time and care to create a brand that brings dogs and owners closer to build more moments of happiness and cultivate memories that will last forever.

  1. Companionship

We are committed to being an essential companion to all dog parents throughout their dog’s life by taking time to listen to their input and experiences, giving them advice or extending a helping hand when needed.

If you are looking for any advice on how to bridge the gap between your four-legged animal and you, or simply want to share with us your love story with your dog, contact us.