Before bringing a new pet at home, take him to the vet. He will evaluate his health and will advise you on vaccinations care and will give you important tips.


He needs all your love and respect.
Your pet needs to be in a safe place where he can not hurt itself. Do not forget to regularly provide him with fresh and clean water. If you have already one dog and you want to have another one, take care of them in a equal and fair manner so that both of dogs do not resent any jealousy. It could bring otherwise conflict between the the two of them. You should find a balance between caring and training. Both of your dogs should receive stimulus to enhance their strengths. You should play with them and give them all your love, and they will show you in return their tenderness, education and welfare.

It depends on the characteristics of the species or breeds. It also depends on the physical characteristics such as the size of the dog, the length of their hair and their activity level. Some breeds require prolonged and frequent exercises while it is not essential for others.

Pets can become man's best friend and can be a great source of companionship, love and security. The care and attention that a dog demands makes a dog owner feel useful. They are a constant source of motivation for their own and increase your self-esteem.
Children learn positive values ​​such as respect for animals, life, friendship and love, creating a sense of responsibility and promoting communication between parents and children.

Yes, approximately 80% of the dog body mass is made up of water. It is advisable to change the water 1 or 2 times a day to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

No. Raw meat carries many risks because they may be contaminated with germs that are even harmful for humans. Furthermore, the meat does not have all the nutrients that dogs need. For nutrition, convenience and economy, the processed food is a better option. On the other hand, despite the fact that many people think that raw bones are good to support a dog's diet or dental cleaning, it is proved to cause intestinal obstruction, suffocation and injuries in their mouth and teeth.

Depending on their breeds, some dogs are more predisposed to bark. The best way is to keep a leash tied to his collar and after let him bark several times, you can teach him some words, such as "enough" or "stay". When he stops barking, you can say "very good" and pamper him by giving him a nutritional snack.

The ideal time is from the eighth week of age. The puppy should be weaned, because the nutrients in breast milk are important for his health.